Arena for Growth - a unique public-private sector partnership dedicated to stimulating growth at the local and regional level.

Arena for Growth is owned by Swedbank, ICA and Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions. We offer stakeholders the chance to meet and discuss growth, and we highlight the need to formulate a new sustainable growth policy – on the basis of local and regional conditions. Arena for Growth helps local and regional decision-makers in the public and private sectors to create growth opportunities on a collaborative rather than competitive basis.

  • Arena for Growth provides support for local and regional decision-makers by means of the following strategies and methods:
  • National and international intelligence gathering
  • Benchmarking based on relevant indicators
  • Participation in local and regional growth-promoting processes
  • Establishing a platform from which knowledge can be structured, processed, packaged and disseminated
  • Acting as a network that will help to encourage collaboration, contacts and exchanges of experience between various stakeholders
  • Exploiting research results

Arena’s activities are based on long-term, high-quality collaboration, of the kind that provides valuable experience, between organizations and a holistic approach to the measures that need to be taken.